Understanding the Difference Between Shutters in Houston

tips shutters houston txAdding shutters in Houston to any home or business is a great idea, as long as you first get a better idea of what your options are. In fact, it would be a better idea to work with an industry professional who can better explain all of this to you, in person. Even if you have your mind already set on shutters, you really should get a professional rundown of all of your window covering options.

However, at the very least make sure you know the difference in shutters that are available. This is essential for being a smart homeowner and a savvy consumer. Don’t make any choices about your window treatments until you at least get some key information from an industry expert.

Knowing the Differences Between Shutters in Houston

While there are plenty of varieties in the world of window coverings, we are focusing on shutters right now. In fact, there are more varieties of shutters than mentioned here but these are the main three that you are likely to come across:

  • Shutters – Commonly, traditional shutters are made of wood. These are hinged panels, with louvers. Shutters can be attached to your home on the interior or exterior side.
  • Polycore Shutters – Same product, different material. Polycore is a solid synthetic with a co-extruded aluminum core. They also have baked-on waterborne paint. While you may not know what that is, all you have to know is that this makes the material durable and resistant to moisture. They are also ideal for added insulating and are easy to maintain and even clean.
  • Plantation Shutters – This can be tricky to define because it is more of a design term and one used without a set-in-stone definition. Generally, plantation shutters are bigger than traditional shutters. This may be bigger panels, bigger louvers or both. Think of the larger shutters that were found on old Southern plantation-style homes and you have an idea of what to expect.

The Industry Experts for Houston Shutters

By working with the industry experts here at JC’s Window Treatments you can get all the information that you need. Our main goal is to help you better understand the options that you have for shutters in Houston. This is the only way you can make a decision that you will be able to live with, for years to come.

Whether you want one of the aforementioned shutter styles or want to weigh your options, you can count on our Houston shutter company. We take this line of work seriously. That shows from the high rate of repeat and referral work we get.

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